tossdown POS
More like an Operating System for your Restaurant.


'On' Point Sales

tossdown POS lets you manage your sales from all contemporary channels i.e in-store, self-ordering kiosk, website & apps and consolidates them into one screen.

Menu Builder

Configure your menu the way you built it. Define any level of options, modifications, apply item-level taxation and discounts.

Discount Coupons

Define coupon codes based on your sales information on specific dishes at specific times of the day. Its all in your control, from defining coupons to auto-redemption through in-built OR scanner.

No more printing

Setup the web based KDS system in any supporting device at your preparation areas and assign categories to the screen to display only relative items. Keep a live view on progress and track item level prep time for your entire menu.

Business Intelligence

No more limited reporting. It's the age of business intelligence and analytics. See in-depth reports of all your key data such as sales, HR, stock etc.

Econometrics at Play

Don't just settle with those boring reports, let the system speak to you and tell you stories with your data. Study your sales against your Facebook spend, weather, holidays and much more.

Website Ordering

tossdown POS supports seamless integration of orders from the restaurants website and apps. All orders posted online are pushed to the ordering queue of the closest store location.

Delivery Management

Manage your delivery through your in-house team or 3rd party logistics, all integrated as one-window management. No more device hoping - trace your order from your kitchen to the palate.

Staff Management

Organize your human resource with our detailed HR system built specifically for the restaurant industry and manage their attendance roster, clock-in, clock-out, leaves and breaks.

Get going in no time.

Features & Benefits

Cut the fuss, here are some top-of-the-mind features that can help you run the show a little better...


High Performance

Lean Enterprise Software designed to use as less of your local resources to do whatever is necessary to keeping top-notch performance since we can't afford delays in hospitality, can we?


Online Syncing

Using the offline mode and background syncing uses the best of both world i.e local performance and real-time business information across all remote locations.


Loyalty Ready

Finally, a POS that offers its loyalty services to manage loyalty as you like i.e points redemption, special deals to specific customers, specific deals based on time of the day or week, its all in your control and that too with the built-in QR integration.


3rd Party Happy

tossdown POS loves integration to make the restaurants life as easy as it can with robust API integration with brand new Websites, Apps to 3rd party ordering platforms, payment platforms, and logistic services providers.


Supporting The Best

In the business of POS Machines.

tossdown POS enjoys the power of Elo POS Machines.

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