It’s a connected world. Customers are informed and
tech-savvy. They have a lot of options when it comes to
eating out. Restaurants need to align their business
strategies with high expectations of today’s customers.

“Survival and excellence of a restaurant will greatly depend on
establishing a long-lasting relationship with customers”


Current Scenario

Numerous online restaurant portals have spurred up across the globe over the past years. However there is a huge disconnect between what customers expect and what restaurants deliver.

Although technological innovation promises an invincible future for the restaurant industry, the utmost potential is still not being garnered.

  • Customer behaviours and expectations have drastically changed. They don’t want to compromise in any scenario, be it food quality, service or cost. They want much more now than just a simple meal.
  • Social media helps in reaching out to the masses. But it is not an effective acquisition and retention channel. A number of prospective customers fall through the cracks because marketing tactics are haphazard, vague or generalized.
  • Restaurants do not have a targeted communication mechanism to provide their customers with an enhanced dining out experience.

tossdown PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Restaurant Digital Ecosystem

tossdown PaaS recognizes the importance of current eating-out industry challenges. The platform aims to:

  • Provide restaurants with consolidated customer viewpoints
  • Make informed business decisions aligned with market expectations
  • Enable a 360 degree customer experience – search & recommendations – order & delivery – feedback & loyalty

More power to the restaurant

tossdown enables restaurants to focus on innovations and business growth opportunities by providing:

  • Complete control over customer data
  • Better understanding of customer behaviour, actions and expectations
  • A mechanism to reach, acquire, retain and inspire customers

More interaction and engagement for the user

tossdown helps customers effectively communicate with restaurants by providing:

  • Preference-based deals and discounts, catering to specific user needs
  • Enhanced customer experience through recognition and appreciation using interactive loyalty programs
  • Search trends and recommendations from the diner community

Creating a powerful Restaurant Digital Ecosystem is required to excel in these progressive times. Knowing your customer is the key to your successful business.

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”
(Roy H. Williams)